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About Fountain of Life!

At Fountain of Life, we take our vision statement to heart – Loving God, embracing people, revealing Christ, and celebrating.

We love God by experiencing God in and through his Word, and valuing what God says by not allowing our speech to be in disagreement with the Word.

We embrace people by holding the embracing love of the Father as an example of how we are to treat one another. Those that choose to enter the doors of Fountain of Life are greeted without judgment and with an open heart.

We value the revealing of Christ by understanding that Christ dwells within each of us, and that it is the revealing of Christ in us that changes everything around us.

We value gathering together and celebrating. We celebrate the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We celebrate each person and their unique gifts.

Building Relationships, Near and Far

At Fountain of Life, we focus on the building of each person’s relationship with Christ, and are committed to helping each person develop that relationship, whether they live around the corner from our church or across the globe.

If you live near Hot Springs, SD, or are just stopping through, we offer many opportunities for you to join in on fellowship and ministry. Enjoy a no-judgment, no-pressure environment where you can praise God and connect with others in the community.

For those unable to make it in person for ministry at Fountain of Life, we offer weekly devotionals to help inspire you in your worship. If you have a prayer request, our congregation would be happy to pray over it, no matter where you are.

No matter your location, you can count on guidance when you need it most. Pastor Ed is available for counseling for those going through a challenging time in their life, as well as mentoring to help you navigate through different life stages.

Whether you are looking for a new church to call home, or are simply seeking someone to pray over you, you can find solace at Fountain of Life.