Fountain of Life Assembly of God header image.

Our Story

As a member of the Hot Springs community, Fountain of Life’s mission has been to join people together in the joyous worship of Christ since 1954. Our current building, located on University Avenue in Hot Springs, South Dakota, was built in the late 1960’s and has since become a “home away from home” to many families in the area.

As you walk into Fountain of Life, one of the first things you see upon entering is the painting The Return of the Prodigal Son. We want the message of mercy that the painting portrays to be a reflection of the love and forgiveness you can find at our church. We invite you to witness that mercy firsthand by taking part in one of our weekly services.

Worship Services

We maintain pieces of our past throughout our church, including a fireplace in the recreation room downstairs that was built by Pastor Peter Dahlberg, who led Fountain of Life for 35 years. These ties to our past are what make our church maintain a strong sense of family that keeps members of the community coming back, generation after generation. The connection we have with each other is a value that helps shape what Fountain of Life stands for.

What We Believe

Pastor Ed Cutler, who is our current pastor at Fountain of Life, has been leading the congregation since 2008. Prior to joining Fountain of Life, Ed was a social worker at South Dakota’s veteran’s home in Hot Springs, where he created care plans and helped people struggling with things like addictions. His dedication in adequately caring for and helping to rehabilitate those at the veteran’s home has helped prepare Pastor Ed in the challenges that can come with leading a church. As a former member of the church before taking the reins, Pastor Ed’s passion for ensuring Fountain of Life remains a safe haven for those in the community stems from his long-time association with the church.

Today, our congregation is a tight-knit family that embraces each other, as well as continues to reach out so we can maintain our position as a valuable member of the Hot Springs, SD community.