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What We Believe

The following are the core values that shape Fountain of Life:

We value the study of the Word of God. We believe it is a living Word. As we study, we invite the Holy Spirit to anoint the Word to our hearts. We want to experience God in and through His Word. The study of the Word is both corporate and individual. There is a part that belongs to us and no one else can do it for us. We are responsible.

We value and practice all kinds of prayer. We understand the importance of intercessory prayer. We pray for the salvation of the lost. We believe that God wants to transform our community, but that this can only happen as we pray with all kinds of prayer. We value praying in the Spirit. That means we use our prayer language to pray often. We recognize that the Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray and leads us to pray in particular ways. We believe in the power of agreement prayer and the necessity to speak the Word of God over a situation, and not just what we might think or feel. Praise and worship should be seen as a form of prayer, and it is a necessary ingredient in prayer. Prayer should include waiting on God with our spiritual eyes and ears open.

We value saying what God says. Putting our mouth in agreement with God’s Word should be a discipline we practice all the time. That means our speech should not be in disagreement with the Word. As we learn this discipline, our hearts are transformed and we prove what is the good, acceptable and the perfect will of God in our lives. We understand that we cannot expect our prayers to be answered if our mouth does not agree with the Word of God.

We value embracing people. Just as the Father embraced his lost son in the Parable of the Lost Son, so are we to be anxiously waiting for the coming home of every lost soul. That means we pray for people and we watch and wait and pray some more. We believe that the embracing love of the Father is an example to us as to how we are to treat people. Whenever we meet the unsaved, we keep this adage in mind. We have a readiness of heart to embrace people. We look for ways to show God’s love to people. We embrace the new believer. We do not speak negatively of the pastor, elders, or a brother or sister in Christ. We understand that we will give an account for every idle word spoken and we do not wish to offend babes in Christ. We embrace one another and so we treat one another with love and respect and we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

We value the revealing of Christ. This means that we understand that Christ dwells within us and that it is the revealing of Christ in us that changes everything around us. It is Christ in us that hungers to see a lost humanity come home to Father God. It is the power of Christ in us that enables us to be witnesses. Seeing things in this light, then, helps us to rest in Christ and to be His witnesses wherever we are. Instead of us thinking of evangelism as a task we must do, we become evangelists. Christ flows through us to a lost and hurting world. It may be on our darkest day that Christ will flow through us to love, embrace, heal and restore someone to the Kingdom of God. And this is certainly proof that it is Christ in us and not simply us.

We value and practice reconciliation. This means that if we have offended someone, we want to make it right. If someone is angry with us, we seek to understand why and we seek peace. We forgive one another. We show mercy to one another. If someone has offended us, we seek to be reconciled to that person.

We value connecting with people. Koinonia refers to the special relationship that believers have to one another in the Body of Christ. We recognize and are in awe of the presence of God in us. We recognize that the presence of God is with us in a special way, even if only two or three are gathered together. There is a great joy that we share when we are together. Our Father loves for His children to get together, whether it is for prayer, the study of the Word, sharing our hearts with one another, or just to have fun. He is always there to share in our joy and to share His joy with us.

We value a life of celebration. Celebration is a defining aspect of our gathering together. We celebrate the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We celebrate what this means for us individually and corporately. We celebrate when a lost child comes home to Jesus. The Parable of the Lost Son is our example, the welcome embrace, the restoring love. We celebrate the gifting and call on every believer’s life. We recognize that we are all different, so we don’t judge and compare, or try to hold others to an unrealistic standard. We understand that we are all accountable as individuals for what God has called us to. We also understand that God wants to use our individual gifts to edify and build up the body of Christ. We hope that celebration is a characteristic of our worship.

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Five Functions of Our Church

In addition to our core values, we recognize the that the different functions our church serves allow us to help each person develop a closer relationship with God, as well as build a strong community network.

Worship is a lifestyle that is God-focused, transforming, empowering, anointed and energizing in His embrace. Worship should draw us closer to the Lord. Worship is to be passionate, drawing all ages into God’s presence. It should attract the unsaved through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Fellowship is uplifting, supportive and joyful. Fellowship should include fun times of simply getting to know one another. Fellowship should be full of grace. Fellowship should include outreach times.

Discipleship is the ongoing process of the anointed teaching of the fundamentals of God’s word, training people in Kingdom principles and living it out as examples. Discipleship involves practical application of what we are teaching, which includes how we respond to the Great Commission.

Gift-Oriented Ministry is discovered, encouraged, free-flowing for everyone and Holy Spirit empowered. It is to be treasured and celebrated in one another.

Evangelism is both corporate and individual. It is a lifestyle that affects everything we say and do. Evangelism is to be compassion-driven; it is the natural outflow of who we are in Christ. It is to be a part of what we teach and mentor in every believer. Evangelism is the sowing of seeds, the watering in prayer, and the reaping of the harvest, all empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join us while we practice these values and help build one another up while studying the Word of God.