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New Here?

Welcome to Fountain of Life!

Joining a new church can be intimidating. Even if you’re not shy, you may not feel comfortable sharing in front of a group of people you’ve just met. Or you may want to sit in the back and simply observe during your first visit. That is okay! You can feel free to join in and participate at your own pace at every Fountain of Life gathering.

Our core values help to shape who we are, as well as how we interact with each other. These fundamentals include the importance of studying God’s Word and praying with all kinds of prayer, as well as valuing a life of celebration and connecting with people. These values are integrated throughout each of our meetings, and provide the foundation of what our meetings are like.

What We Believe

We hope to see you at one of our services!

Here are some other things you can expect when attending our church:

All are Welcome

It doesn’t matter if you’re only stopping through the area, go to church strictly on holidays, or are simply seeking a place to meet new people and become a more active member of the community - you are welcome at Fountain of Life.

No Judgment or Pressure

At Fountain of Life, we strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all of our guests. Feel at ease knowing that you can worship without feeling judged. Also, join in on services knowing you won’t be coerced into returning. While we want to see each of our guests again, we want each one to come back on their own accord.


A strong sense of community is a large part of a focus at Fountain of Life. Since 1954, we have been committed to reaching out and helping not only the people that regularly attend our church, but also be a shoulder to lean on for all of those in our extended community.

Family Atmosphere

We highly value children as part of our congregation. Children’s Church is offered for children 4 years of age and older, and pick-up and drop-off service is available for families that need assistance in getting their little ones to the service each week. Please contact us for more information on our Children’s Church transportation assistance.